What is a Router?

Router Definition:

The router is the device responsible for connecting two computers to each other. Inside contains the appropriate instructions and protocols to allow the sending and receiving of information packets between both. So, that it reaches its destination and is not lost.

Always using the most appropriate route at all times. It may seem difficult, but in reality it is very simple. Suppose an example in which a router wants to send information from one server in Spain to another in Argentina. When trying sending it directly, the connection fails.

Then calculate that the best route is to use an intermediary server. The router in Spain will send the information to the English router, and, know that the final destination is the Argentine server, send it to a US server, which sends it to another in Brazil, who sends it to its final destination.

Each router calculates when the information arrives which is the best way for the information to arrive correctly, and also checks the information received to verify that it has arrived correctly.

So, as its name suggests, it gives you a route (and forgive the reiteration) to the information you must follow to send it from one computer to another correctly. For this, it uses, as we have said, certain instructions, commonly called routing protocol, and which are inside it.

This protocol will vary according to the type of network. In Ethernet, for example, the protocol is called IP, which identifies each computer with its own number, to avoid confusion, but they can vary.

There are routers that allow several protocols, but currently most are very specific, because they have been optimized for use with a single protocol.

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